The New Year Resolution

A famous saying goes – ‘Promises are meant to be broken’ but what about the promise that you made to yourself? Are you going to break that as well??? Thought Richa as she sat by her window of the 7th floor lavish apartment. Yes, she had thought to spend some time this year with herself; with her passions, with her mind and with her soul; but the year is almost at its end and she is yet to keep her promise; the resolution that she made to herself at the New Year 2016.

Truly, do we keep our promises that we make to ourselves; the promise to let go our bitter past; the promise to give a meaning to our life and a promise to gain enough power to avoid people who ignore us?


Love Quote 2017

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all…

                                                                                       Alfred Lord Tennyson

Just came across this quote and really liked it. Truly, when dreams are shattered and love gradually fades away from a relationship, we feel like never to love again. But should we really stop loving??? No, I guess; this is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world which fills the void of life.

Wake Up

When Nights are Negative,

Dreams are Dark,

Wake Up…

Open Eyes Can See More Opportunities,

Which Dreams Cannot.


I had a bad night…
Whatever I dreamt led to a negative ending. Whatever I saw was depressing. Eventually I spent almost a sleepless hour and pushed myself to sleep again; but to my dismay, again I was amidst hopeless situations; I again dreamt to see myself stuck and stressed.
I was thankful to my alarm clock (one of the rarest thanks) as it wake me up and pulled me out of a night that was literally a nightmare. As I removed the curtains and the sun rays leaped into my bedroom, the dark thoughts faded away; I gradually felt positive and content.

Dear Zindagi


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Life’s a Skirmish??? Take out sometime & Say Hi to Zindagi with Alia

A “perfect life” is a dream that rarely comes true; but it is beautiful and you have to find the beauty of life within yourself, that is what Dear Zindagi is all about…


Kaira (Alia Bhatt) represents the present day youth who are often haunted by their disturbing past and hence lack the confidence to face the present. Dear Zindagi revolves around the professional and personal life of Kaira, a cinematographer from Goa. While on one hand she gets praised for her work, wants to soar high in the Mumbai film industry and seems to be a very confident girl with modern views, on the other hand she is a bird with broken wings; which people fail to see. Her depression evokes in the form of arrogance and leads to one after the other broken relationship, takes her away from her family and friends.


At this crisis Kaira gets the helping hand of psychologist, Dr. Jahangir Khan (Shahrukh Khan). As said in the movie, ‘Your past should not blackmail your present,’ he helps her out of the painful memories and reconnects her with the colorful facets of life. The strong bonding between Kaira and her buddies makes the movie more vibrant.


Alia Bhatt again has done a mind blowing job with her stupendous acting and gorgeous looks. While Shahrukh Khan re-impresses the fans with his spark and cool expressions, Ali Zafar, as Rumi, steals the hearts of the ladies with his charm and singing talent; there are couple of songs in his voice in the movie.

After English Vinglish (2012 release), Gauri Shinde has once again wonderfully portrayed the life of an Indian woman in Dear Zindagi. Go and watch it to find a piece of yourself in Kaira.

Now shopping becomes more interesting with the Kolkata Handicrafts Fair 2016



Do you love shopping??? Are you busy surfing the online stores to get the best home décor for your new apartment or is it that you love the Bengali art and style. If answer to any of the above question is yes, the Kolkata Handicrafts Fair 2016 is your place. This fair is a celebration of Bengali culture as you find people from all districts gather here and exhibit the best crafts from their place. From the lavish silks of Murshidabad to the clay art of Krishna Nagar, you will be spoilt for choice here.



The fair caters to the need of all essential items of your daily life, be it furniture or apparels. The collection of wooden dining tables, bamboo baskets, sofas and chairs made from bamboo can completely change the look of your house. The jute bags, earrings made from natural products, hand stitched dress materials with unique designs and flowers made from paper and thermocol are both budget friendly and beautiful.



Another interesting part of the fair is you find artists painting and preparing the crafts just in front of you. Here you have the chance to speak with the maker of the product and buy it from him/ her; the charm of which is quite different from that when you get your product online or from a retail store.



Food is the heart of any Bengali fair and the Kolkata Handicrafts Fair 2016 is not an exception. From a wide range of tangy pickles to the famous sweets of Bardhaman,”Joynagar er Mowa,’ foodies have lot to explore here.



Hence make your winter afternoons picture perfect, soaking in the warm sun, roaming at the Milan Mela ground, picking up the gems of Bengali Handicrafts.

Location: Milan Mela, Near Science City

Till: 11th December’16

Bolpur Beckons…


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The Spectacular View On The Way

No Bengali can deny the fact that at least a part of his/ her life has been influenced by Rabindranath Tagore; popularly known as Kabi Guru. As the train chugs into the Bolpur station, you are in the land of laal maati (red soil), the dreamland of this great Indian poet and Noble laureate. There are three prime tourist destinations here; namely, Shantiniketan, Konkalitala and Sonajhuri.


Back in Time


Vicinity of Peace

Your trip begins at Shantiniketan, the place which witnessed the renaissance of Bengali literature, art and music. Shanti meaning peace and Niketan home, had been the dream come true for the poet. The quietness of the place beckoned the young heart of creative Rabi and he decided to shift here.  Gradually the place became an open-air gallery of exquisite paintings, fine sculptures and classics. Visiting Shantiniketan will unravel the golden age of Bengali literature in front of you.


Breathing Images


Astounding Creations


Soulful Environment

Ride next to Konkalitala, one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of Hinduism. Dedicated to Goddess Sati, this place is blissful.


The Goddess


The Holy Kund


The Magic of Baul Music

Sonajhuri is a treasure island of Bengali folk dance and song. Tap your feet with the Santhal women at the beats of madol or enjoy the vibrancy of baul song and music, famous worldwide. This place also gives you a feel of a typical village market, haat; Birbhum is known for its leather handicrafts, bags, clay toys and apparels with unique prints and the haat is a shopper’s paradise. Last but not the least; relish authentic Bengali cuisines at complete Bengali ambience here.


Bolpur Beats


Cute Creations


Nature on Paper


Beauty in Black


The Melody


Jewels of Bolpur


Colorful Drapes


Leather Gems

Life demands some respite after a hectic week and now a relaxing weekend is just within your reach at Bolpur. Located at the Birbhum district of West Bengal this place is a complete package of fun, frolic and serenity.


Lip Smacking Cuisines

How to Reach:

Bolpur is easily accessible via rail, road and airways. There are regular trains from all over West Bengal to the Bolpur Station. Both private and government (SBSTC) buses ply to the city on a regular basis. The Kolkata International Airport is the nearest airways to the place.

Local Vehicles:

Rickshaws are easily available outside the railway station and the main bus stand. You may also book a cab through the hotel where you are staying.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…Delving Into the Emotions of Love, Like & Lust

On the eve of Diwali, one of the biggest Indian festivals releases the most awaited movie- Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The movie, unlike the expectations is not a fairytale, but a true tale of hearts. If you expected a typical Bollywood movie where the boy meets the girl, they become best friends, fall in love and live happily ever and after…you will be upset. This movie is for people who are interested to know the complicated nooks and corners of love; as it is in the real world, unlike the reel world.

Image result for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil images

Ayan (Ranbir) sees his love in Alizeh (Anushka) but he is a BFF to her; Alizeh sees her love in Ali (Fawad) but he is not a guy who is capable of loyalty. Saba (Ashwariya), to her surprise falls in love with Ayan, but she is just an element of seduction to him.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil compliments its name with the whirlwind of emotions and can touch your heart if you can relate to it. If it doesn’t, go and watch it to enjoy the glamour of London, Paris and Vienna; to be charmed by the fun chemistry of Ayan and Alizeh or to be mesmerized by the stunning looks and attitude of Saba. SRK lovers has their Diwali gift as well, with the guest appearance of King Khan, saying one of the most powerful dialogues of the movie. Music is also decent except the old song sequences, which I felt were not portrayed quite aptly.

Last but not the least; it is time to fall in love with Ranbir Kapoor once more with his awesome performance in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is hence just not another typical masala movie of Bollywood but a movie where love remains a desire forever.


Durga Puja and the ‘Real Girl’ Status

Just a month before Durga Puja, a movie released- Pink. As I continue the Durga Puja celebration this year; feeling happy and clicking selfies with a bright smile on my face, a question continues to arise in my mind, I try to tally the real life scenario highlighted in the movie and the metamorphic celebration of ‘womanhood’ through Durga Puja. Is Durga Puja relevant in today’s scenario???


True that we, the today’s girls, feel confident, self- dependent, loved and pampered by our family and friends…but are we truly independent??? Are we truly honoured and is our SAY truly respected as people do to the clay idol of Goddess Durga? No, says the story of Pink, No, says our daily lives. Our parents still feel we are insecure in the dark night and we are still dolls of entertainment to the patriarchal society.

So, my wish this Durga Puja is just not for a prosperous life and good health of my loved ones, but a boon from the Goddess that a NO from a girl starts being counted; the way She destroys the evil, We the so- called modern and liberal women of today’s world can break the invisible shackles of a stereotype society.